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I’ve done it! I’ve signed up to the Body Coach 90 day SSS plan!

That’s shift, shape and sustain to you and me.

Divided into three, thirty day cycles, each focussing on a different S, it couldn’t be easier really, could it?

Could it?

I’ve been following the Body Coach, aka the beautiful Joe Wicks, for about a year after being introduced to him and his principles by my good friend, Miss Barnett. Like most non-fit normos, I dipped my toe into the BC pool gently by purchasing his first Lean in 15 book last year. Delighted with my fitness progress, I immediately took a lie down followed by a cream egg.

Naturally, as a non-fit normo, the book remained on the cookery bookshelf (yes I have that many cooking books as to warrant a separate cookery bookcase) until quite recently when I decided that my time for super human fitness was NOW. Right now. And not a minute later.

And so I took the next logical step: purchasing protein powder. Well one can’t make protein pancakes and overnight oats a la the BC without protein powder!

And so it was that the protein pancake took me by the hand and led me gently towards the glowing halo surrounding Joe’s super toned body. And straight past him to his website where I signed up for the SSS plan. After the obligatory week of deliberation and discussion with just about every one of my friends who would listen and feign interest, obviously. One is not a snap decision maker.

The first stage (after paying, obvs) was to fill in a detailed questionnaire. Sounded simple enough. Just a few details about me, my measurements, my food and fitness habits and a simple, seven day food diary. Simple.

If you’ve ever tried to retrospectively do a food diary, you will know that it is not quite as simple as first glance would have you believe. What on earth had I been eating? I had literally no idea. I took the approach of trying to average it out across the last month. Mainly because I have been a health food god over the last week, living almost exclusively on protein pancakes since the protein powder landed.

Three days and two emergency meetings with Queen Vic and Princess Scarlet later and I manage to submit my questionnaire, complete with food diary and front, back and side photos of me in a bikini. The horror. Oh the sheer horror.

As a not massive person I have been happily telling myself that I am in great shape for my age for years. The photos were my first step in agreeing that ‘great shape’ was something of an overstatement.

They say acceptance is the first step. My name is Lady Jane and I have back fat.

There. I said it.

You don’t see yourself from the back very often and I’m now delighted that that has been the case for so long. That back photo, in particular, sticks in my mind as I press send on the questionnaire.

I make a silent agreement with myself: I will be happy with my back photo again.

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